Forming a strong bond for over eighty years

About liquisilk & us


In the early summer of 2014, we purchased two small businesses, an office supply store and Liquisilk Adhesive. The product history, data and longevity of Liquisilk Adhesive intrigued us and though the office supply store has been the main source of our income, we began to sell Liquisilk through the store because it was a great item to add to our line of existing products.
In August of that year, with encouragement from the curator of the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario who was familiar with Liquisilk, we signed up as a vendor at the RMEO's annual Trainfest to sell our adhesive. It was there we discovered the popularity of Liquisilk, and sold out the stock we brought to attending model railroaders who raved about the qualities of Liquisilk for building their models and dioramas.   
Encouraged by that experience, we began to market Liquisilk as a multipurpose adhesive through our store and found sales could be made based on its key attributes: infinite shelf life, won't stick to your hands, remains clear when dry.   
Liquisilk is a polymer based adhesive that was developed in Canada over eighty years ago. Prior to our buying the business there had been only two other owners – the chemical engineer who developed it and subsequently sold it to the second owner, an Ontario business man. When the second gentleman passed away, sales of Liquisilk dwindled for several years. And then we came along!
Our focus on Liquisilk remained restricted to sales through the store and attending RMEO's Trainfest for the next two years. Then we decided to create a Liquisilk facebook page and people who had used the adhesive for years began to find us.   
Through those people we learned of even more applications for Liquisilk: beadwork, applique, architectural model building, ceramic and porcelain repair, bookbinding and repair, leatherwork, to name only a few. Along with the enthusiastic testimonials from our store customers, the facebook contacts we made helped us make up our minds that our adhesive was too good to be kept under wraps any longer.
Our guarantee to all customers is to maintain Liquisilk's high standards as an adhesive that has multiple uses, won't stick to your hands and, when tightly capped, has an infinite shelf life. Form a strong bond with us.

Elmsley Manufacturing

Ontario, Canada