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"For years I have relied on Liquisilk Adhesive"


 My business designs and creates bridal veil fashions which are sold throughout Canada. For years I have relied on Liquisilk Adhesive when using pearls and rhinestones on my veils. It dries clear and does not have a strong odour. Dave and Holly at HD Office Supplies were very friendly and accommodating when ordering and my shipment arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend this product from this supplier.

Vera Kirby, Simplicity Bridal 

Drumbo, ON  

"I was tired of gluing my fingers together."


 I was very happy to find Liquisilk, I was throwing things out instead of fixing them because I was tired of gluing my fingers together or having the tube be dry when I went to use it. I have used it to fix my fridge, dishwasher, glass wear, jewelry, etc. Thanks, 

Joanne Watson, Job Developer ONTRAC,

Smiths Falls, ON 

"I have been using this glue for over 50 years."


Believe it or not, I have been using this glue for over 50 years. In the nineteen sixties, it was given to us in school for patchwork. I still prefer this glue to others because, according to my experience, paper won't wrinkle and the glue still holds and doesn't get hard or yellow over time. And also, your tube doesn't dry out if it is well capped. So those are all quite good reasons for my preference. Hoping others enjoy too! 

Barbara Tessier 

Montreal, QC 

"the only glue I have in my home"


 I've never been a hobbyist or a fixer-upper mostly because glue has never worked the way I liked. 

I'm scared of "super glue", I burn myself on hot glue and will certainly never graduate to "epoxy" level adhesives. Then along came Liquisilk. It's now the only glue I have in my home. It doesn't stick to me and best of all, it works! I used it to fix my acrylic soap dish which broke in half, and even though it gets wet, it's still in one piece after two years of daily use. It's a pleasure to use such a great product.   

Virginia Thurston, Art Therapy Intern, single mom   Nelson, BC   

"Happy Camper"


This note is to compliment you on the effectiveness and quality of Liquisilk Adhesive. We use it primarily to repair porcelain and china pieces which we have collected over the years. It is easy to use on fine joints and any overage is easily removed from the item leaving an almost invisible joint. Many years ago I was an enthusiastic miniature modeler, and I certainly wish I had had access to Liquisilk in those days. It would have been a game changer. You can quote me on this, and also refer to me as an extremely "happy camper". All the best,

William K Lye, CD, P.Eng. FCMC

Mont Tremblant, QC 

"I would be at a loss with it"


I have been using Liquisilk since the 1950's. 

I used it on model airplanes, a Spitfire and Vickers Vedette, both which hang in my house 50 years later. While at McGill, studying Architecture in the early 60's, I used Liquisilk on models of buildings I designed. From the late 60's to the present I have been using Liquisilk in the making of my architectural models. Liquisilk is easy to use, not messy on the fingers, and has a unique fibrous character. It dries fairly quickly but remains flexible and clear. I would be at a loss without it. 

Bruce Anderson, Architect and Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Montreal, QC     

"Best glue I've ever used"

Best glue I've ever used and I've glued everything! 

Mary Griffith, 

Smiths Falls, ON     

"one of the finest adhesives"

Liquisilk glue is one of the finest adhesives I have ever used for repairing books and paper products. 

Kevin Johnson, 

Trail, BC  

"best glue product"

Liquisilk is the best glue product we have ever used for our craft events at the Rideau Candy Shoppe.  It's easy for kids to work with and it has an everlasting bond. The female staff love it so much they all carry a small bottle in their purses so they have it on hand wherever they go. 

Sheldon Giff, The Rideau Candy Shoppe 

Smiths Falls, ON  

"Liquisilk is an amazing adhesive"

Liquisilk is an amazing adhesive with easy clean up on resilient surfaces! Wishing you great success.

 Gilbert Lacroix President, GLX SCALE MODELS INC. 613-294-2276 

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